Aleksandar Ljubisavljevic
Junior Drupal Developer

Aleksandar is a patient and persistive person with high attention on details, whom is very important to get a job done. He is a Junior Drupal Developer with working experience in back-end development on Zend Framework 2 platform, and with interests in development of web applications, desktop applications and other.

Beside being a developer, he is also interested in dancing. He is a member of Duende dance club and is practicing both standard and latino dances.

Happy to work closely with any existing Drupal developers.

Professional Info:

  • Junior Drupal Developer with experience in working with Drupal 8 content management system (CMS), Zend 2 framework and C# related technologies
  • Mainly focused on back-end development
  • Motivated to work in organized team


Drupal: ACTO Team web site development and contribution to Drupal community.

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