ACTO Team at Drupal Mountain Camp Davos 2017

The first Drupal Mountain Camp took place from 16 to 19 February in Davos, Switzerland, with more than 130 participants, from 17 different countries and with 30 different speakers. ACTO Team participated in this event with 2 speakers and developers participating in the sprints. This was a great opportunity to share latest development experiences in Drupal 8 and to demonstrate other developers our team contribution to Drupal community.

The first Drupal Mountain Camp, was organized by a Swiss Drupal community. In addition to the sessions, sprints and free workshop trainings, there were other social activities, where Drupalistas from all around the world, had an opportunity to talk, socialize and experience Swiss mountains and snow.

For this occasion, ACTO Team prepared the shirts to encourage new Drupal developers to participate in sprints.

Our team member, Miloš, held the opening session/workshop on this Mountain Camp named First-time sprinter workshop. It was about the basics of contributing to Drupal, tools that developers are working with and common processes of collaboration. Attendees could learn a lot about moderating issue queue, writing documentation, testing modules, writing reviews, etc.

Credits: Amazee Labs

My session was named Exploring base theme and modern frontend dev workflows, and I spoke about constantly changing things in front-end development in general and in Drupal 8 front-end development. It was all about front-end tools and processes, as well as Drupal 8 features - Twig, HTML5, ES6, CSS pre-processors and post-processors, task runners, semantic web, semantic HTML, CSS and JS frameworks, new web browser features, decoupled Drupal, etc.

Credits: Amazee Labs

This year's Drupal Mountain Camp fulfilled expectations both from developers and the community in general, and we are looking forward to another major meeting of Drupal developers.

In a meanwhile, Serbian and Macedonian Drupal communities will organize a local Drupal meetup in Niš, on 8 April 2017, and ACTO Team will actively take part in sessions as well as in preparation for the next Drupal Iron Camp which will be held in 2018 in Belgrade.