Drupal Meetup Nis team building

The day after successful and very productive Drupal meetup, ACTO Team organized team building for all participants at Malca shooting range, near Nis. The purpose of this team building was recreation and socializing in a pleasant atmosphere and friendly environment.

ACTO Team organized this event with the help of Safari Club, our partners for a long period and such events are common to the members of our team and employees of companies from Nis with which we cooperate. This was an opportunity for people, who haven’t experienced such a competition yet, to take part.

Drupal meetup Nis - team building

This team building was conceived as a competition between teams of employees from different companies, so that people from different places get better acquainted. The contest included gun shooting, “crazy legs” race, rafting ride, tightrope walking and trap shooting. The competition and the results were of secondary importance.

After the contest, people interested in it could experience off-road jeep drive on a new trail close to the shooting range.

Learning, friendship, recreation

The idea of team building was that in relaxed atmosphere, through games and fun, people from Drupal community better know each other, and it was fully realized according to very positive comments of those who were for the first time at such an event.

We hope that the Drupal community will in the future succeed to organize these events more often, where people from the community will be able to learn a lot of things, but also to relax and socialize.

Photos from this event, as ACTO Team saw it, can be found here.