Impressive first Drupal Meetup Nis

Drupal community in Serbia, although not as large as some other organizations, periodically organizes interesting gatherings which aim to exchange experiences and provide better connection between local Drupal developers. Such an event was Drupal meetup held this weekend in Nis.

This event was supported by Serbian and Macedonian Drupal communities, and apart from sessions, hosts organized a party for all participants and team building the next day.

It’s needless to say that the meetup meet expectations, having gathered a large number of developers and that there were comments that much bigger Drupal events couldn’t bring together such a large number of participants and an organization at this level.

This was an opportunity for ACTO Team to represent to the local community our team’s contribution to the global Drupal community, and to actively suggest proposals for better functioning of the local organization.

What was this meetup all about?

Focus of lectures was on a different modern tools and technologies used in the Drupal community (as well as elsewhere) - about various front-end technologies and related tools, GraphQL, Docker, multi-site Drupal installations, Amazon Web Services, and many other.

Our company’s co-founder and senior engineer Ivica was the first speaker and he talked about exploring base theme and modern front-end dev workflows as a follow-up to his session at Drupal Mountain Camp in Davos.

Drupal meetup Nis

Participants could hear about complexity of modern front-end development as well as its importance for the success of the product. He emphasized the necessity of standardizing technologies, coding, protocols and workflows, as there are way too many now. Ivica presented some interesting modern front-end concepts like separation of concerns (using atomic design and pattern/component libraries) and reusability, that can help developers with more efficient work on their projects. He mentioned pros and cons of popular modern CSS frameworks and what technical skills do developers need today with statistical overview of current usage. What was particularly interesting was a part about the changes that came in front-end development with release of Drupal 8 version.

At the end, Ivica presented a project of BS Base Drupal theme, being developed by ACTO Team members and community, under his leadership.

The second session was about Pattern Lab where Dragan briefly showed examples of building user interface components using atomic design principles.

Petar presented GraphQL query language, its development by Facebook, and advantages compared to REST API. He also went through a few examples based on a movie database.

The fourth session, and one of the most interesting, was about Docker and its implementations. Mladen explained how Docker helps him with everyday tasks, with an emphasis on using Drupal Docker containers, and in what ways it can help us to easily work on projects on different platform configurations.

Vasil, from Macedonian Drupal community explained how to use Drupal multisite features with Domain Access, in the case of debate organization, geographically divided on sub-organizations for different world regions.

At the last session Malisa talked about how is his company using Amazon Web Services for hosting different e-commerce websites with a large audience and large number of orders processed at the same time, as well as its service AWS CodeDeploy for automatic codebase deployment.

Drupal meetup Nis

What has been done and what will be done

Drupal meetup Niš succeed to animate the local Drupal community and to bring together a large number of developers, both from community and outside of it, to share their ideas and experiences. In informal conversation we could hear experiences that people from Macedonia have in running their community, organizing events and animating local developers to start dealing with Drupal.

This meetup is an excellent starting position for some next meetings, which I hope will happen more often. It was also an opportunity to agree on the next steps in the development of Serbian Drupal community in which ACTO Team company and its members will actively take part in the forthcoming period.