RedACTO - distribution for easy content management

The main problem content editors and site builders are facing today is developing feature-rich websites within short defined deadlines. In order to provide them an advanced tool for easier content authoring, we recognized the benefits and flexibility that Drupal distributions could give us. RedACTO distribution helps them by providing different components and plugins for content creation.

A few days ago we released the first alpha version of RedACTO distribution. With improved content editing experience, using Paragraphs and component (modular) approach in building visual elements, RedACTO provides unlimited possibilities for creating different page layouts, using built-in plugins and predefined content types such as sliders, cards, tabs, accordions, progress bars, and much more.

RedACTO 1.0-alpha1 version brings support for some widely used Drupal modules and features that facilitate navigation through administration panel, provide SEO optimization features, add tools that protect your website from spam, and other features. Also, this version solves several reported bugs and brings much cleaner and refactored code. For more information about this version see release notes.

The goal is that through alpha versions we continuously add new features and fix all reported bugs grouped by similarity. In second alpha release we will improve content editing experience, social integration, etc. The third alpha version will provide support for better administration experience with a new admin theme, support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and other features.

RedACTO features & components

For supporting flexible and fast theming and mobile-first approach, we used Bootstrap 4 framework to build ready-to-use components and to provide mobile-first support out of the box. It allows building websites easily and quickly, and content looks consistent across different devices, without a need for a mobile site or app.

For this purpose we developed Paragraphs Collection Bootstrap (PCB), a contrib module that is a collection of experimental plugins that are using Paragraphs plugin system to attach Bootstrap behaviors to paragraph types. BS Base project and its child theme BS Bootstrap, helps to implement best practices in front-end development and supporting various plugin collections in order to make Drupal site building more advanced and accessible to end users. We also developed BS Lib module, that provides Bootstrap 4 component library definitions for PCB module and themes.

Try RedACTO and contribute

You can try RedACTO distribution by following steps for installation with Composer and Drush, or by requiring a 30-day trial instance on our website. Visit RedACTO demo website for a quick look at RedACTO features.

Check out the project page, and contribute to it by providing patches for open issues.