Hire a team

Our wishes are that ACTO Team remain development focused agency. Therefore, we need reliable partners, larger Drupal agencies that are positioned in the markets of Europe, North America and the Middle East, which recognize ACTO Team as potential long term partner and have experience in selling premium Drupal services.

For us, especially interesting companies are those from which we can learn, companies that develop their own tools and distributions, which have teams of developers able to train their employees, who understand the importance of community engagement and support us in our efforts to create a successful company.

If this seems interesting, here are a few suggestions

You can engage our scrum team

ACTO Team has invested a lot of energy in team development and we realized that the best results are archived when we work together. This is reflected in the fact that our daily routine does not change to much. In the same way as when working on community projects, a team of our Drupal experts can be engaged on your projects.

Our scrum teams are built from 5 to 7 people, led by the scrum master, the person who is on our side responsible for the project, and developers perfectly embedded to the project needs (site builders, frontend, backend developers, SEO experts etc.)

Scrum team can be engaged on a weekly basis, where a minimum of engagement is two weeks (one scrum cycle). In this way you have full control, you can track project costs and compare them with the functionalities that our team delivers on a daily basis.


A smaller part of us can be part of your scrum team

Our Drupal experts can also be engaged as part of your scrum teams, and this is the most common way in which our clients engage us. All our developers speak good English and some of them German. They are young and educated people, open to cooperate and share their knowledge with people from all over the world.

This smaller teams usually makes 2-3 persons, which can be also engaged on a weekly basis where a minimum of engagement is two weeks (one scrum cycle).

Engagement on a project basis

This, traditional model of cooperation, is designed for clients who have a fixed budget and strict deadlines but they are aware that only engagement of Drupal experts can lead to the success of their project.

If this is true, please feel free to contact us, explain your project, send us a project documentation and our senior Drupal developers will do estimation and send you our offer.

Be sure that when we make a commitment to a client to deliver result, we do so with outstanding quality, on time, every time!

Become a client!