Igor Njagojevic
Junior Drupal Developer

Drupal developer on the very beginning of his professional career, a persistent, self-initiative and meticulous person, with a positive and optimistic attitude towards other people and events. Believes that the only way to have a successful career is through hard work, constant improvement and acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Actively follows development and implementation of new technologies, Internet and digital media, and often attends conferences and other tech events. Active on social media. Enjoys watching sports, mostly football and basketball. Occasionally is engaged in volunteering and non-profit activities (volunteering at sports events, writing articles on Wikipedia, etc).

Lover of nature and animals. Owns a pet dwarf rabbit.

Professional info

  • Junior Drupal developer interested in various web technologies, with experience in working with content management systems (CMS)
  • Mainly focused on front-end development by creating websites from scratch, developing themes and templates, cross-browser and cross-device functionality and testing
  • Motivated to work in a dynamic business environment and organized team with clearly distributed roles


Drupal: ACTO Team website development.

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Junior Drupal Developer