Milos Dencev
Drupal Developer

Milos is a long time in Drupal, since version 6. In the beginning, his career was marked with a lot of freelance work. His greater involvement in the Drupal community begins in 2015, after joining the ACTO Team, and in his opinion the biggest mistake is why he was not getting involved earlier.

Since then, actively contributing to Drupal core and contrib modules, participates as a speaker at local Drupal events, works with students and shares his knowledge to a new generation of Drupal developers.

As for the non Drupal related stuff: Interested in machine learning, physics and trying not to suck at dota to name a few.

Professional info

  • Drupal 8 (core development issues: frontend, backend, media integration)
  • Drupal 7 development for the last 5 years (theming, custom modules, commerce sites)
  • Profound experience with various IT related technologies (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, SQL)
  • Experience in remote project / remote team work
  • Experience in taking over of outsourcing projects (4 years)
  • Using agile / scrum in everyday work


Drupal community: Drupal Core and contrib modules: Bynder, CRM Core, Paragraphs Collection, Entity Browser, Image Widget Crop …

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