ACTO Team provides Drupal Professional services in the following areas

Website Development

Modern approach to web application development means using more than one programming language, different tools and techniques. ACTO Team applies the best practices when it comes to web development, from the latest versions of popular frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.), effective automation tools (Grunt and Gulp), version control systems (Git) to the modern collaboration and communication tools.

Integration into Existing Systems

Over the years, our team met with various web services and external applications that required a specific integration with Drupal. Particularly interesting is the integration with the Ericsson and Huawei Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and their payment gateways, then web to SMS / MMS service by implementing the Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol (SMPP), and a number of other services used by telecommunications operators.

Drupal is known for its great support for most popular applications and web services, various CRM platforms, newsletters, marketing and commerce services. The list of supported APIs is quite a long, but if you have a need for some specific integration, feel free to contact us and we will suggest you a solution.

Development of Custom Modules

Drupal stands for a highly scalable framework and fanatical about following standards. That is why we strive to solve every issue on Drupal way, but if your project needs some sort of customization, or you want to implement a specific business logic, we can do it equally well as when working on Drupal core & contrib modules. All of our customizations will be properly implemented, covered with tests and documented, and will not lead to improper work of your Drupal application in any way.

Data Migration

ACTO Team can migrate any data from any platform. If you are the owner of any WordPress, Commerce, Typo3 or phpBB website, and you want to migrate your project to Drupal 8, you are lucky, Drupal has out of the box support for these platforms. ACTO Team can help you with this, as well as with any custom platform where comes to data analysis, mapping between source and destination tables, and implementing the complete migration process effectively.

Theme Development

Creating beautiful, high-quality, mobile responsive and cross-browser Drupal themes is one of key aspects of producing a successful website. All of our achievements are contained in the BS Base project, a Bootstrap 4 theme, which represents a set of tools, standards and best practices for the development of each our theme.

Drupal Support & Maintenance

With the initial release of your site, the real job is just starting. The support and dedication that you will receive from the ACTO Team is more valuable than any previous development. It is our great pleasure to monitor how our projects are performing in real conditions, and to react to every change in the environment even before the customers suspects that something is wrong.

Our standard operations include server and logs monitoring, security updates, upgrading your modules to latest Drupal versions, running tests with special attention to custom modules and their behavior after the core & contrib updates or new release deployment, and critical bug fixing, if necessary.

Also, providing technical training to your employees, to easily and effectively use the application, is something that is implied.